Meeting The Challenge

In 1990, Jim Edgar ran for Governor and won the first of his two terms as governor, winning the Republican primary against Steve Baer, and then elected in a close race against his Democratic opponent, Illinois Attorney General Neil Hartigan.

In 1994, he defeated conservative challenger Jack Roeser in the Republican primary, and was re-elected by a wide margin carrying 101 of the state’s 102 counties in the General election against Democratic opponent, state comptroller and former state senator Dawn Clark Netsch.

In the election of 1994, Edgar led a Republican sweep capturing both houses of the state legislature and all statewide offices, putting Edgar in a very strong political position. He advocated increases in funding for education along with cuts in government employment, spending and welfare programs.

The record shows Jim Edgar’s fidelity to his values, principles and sense of public service during his two terms as governor spurred dramatic changes in the governmental landscape of Illinois and enriched the lives of millions of Illinoisans.

“There are many responsibilities that a governor of the 1990s must meet, but none is more important than assuring that taxpayer dollars are managed effectively to meet the basic needs of today.”– Jim Edgar